Hello Everyone! Wow, a baby, right? We kind of can't believe it either, but there's no denying he/she is on it's and is already kicking it's way into our hearts. We are doing our best to prepare and all is going really well, considering the merge of two grown-ups from two different states! We are asking ourselves: Can such a little nugget need so much stuff? So we're trying to stay focused on the essentials since we don't have a ton of room for extras. We're still sorting out exactly what items we'll truly need, and who knows what it will favor -- the swing or the sling?  


Already many friends have generously lent us a lot of the things we need to get started and we are so appreciative of these pre-loved clothes and gear. However, since so many of you have inquired about what you can do to help welcome our baby into this world, beyond just loving it and supporting our adventure, if you're so inclined, we've created the registry below so that you can be involved in this new chapter and contribute to what we actually need. Rest assured, your gift will certainly be used as intended. 


Hopefully it goes without saying that gifts are not expected, we are just excited to be adding to our family and feel so lucky that you want to celebrate our new addition too!


With love and gratitude,

Ahsha and Raven

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